Duration: 8 hours

Scope: 14 modules

Customizable and integrable to the needs of your institution

Get in touch: info@wisskomm-campus.de

Available in English and German

Grundlagen der Wissenschaftskommunikation

Learn the basic skills for effective science communication with NaWik's e-learning program. This course is available online at any time and can be integrated flexibly into your professional and academic life.


Your benefits

  • For scientists and communicators at any career stage
  • Build and strengthen core competencies
  • Learn with proven NaWik methods
  • Work with our captivating and interactive learning tools



Institutions can integrate the courses into their training and continuing education portfolios. Courses can be costumized to the individuel needs of each institituion. 



Who can book the course?

The courses are aimed at scientists, communicators, and students. As an individual, you can purchase a course directly through the webshop, enroll, and start immediately.

Scientific institutions can purchase multiple user licenses through our webshop or by contacting NaWik sales directly. They will receive an enrollment link which they can distribute internally, allowing learners direct access to the course content.

Is integration into an existing curriculum possible?

The courses offered by the WissKomm-Campus can be integrated into the respective learning environment of your institution. It is possible to make the course accessible from within the institution’s interface, using custom start pages or welcome and closing modules.

How do participants access the courses?

The WissKomm-Campus is accessible through any commonly-used web browser, with no need for additional software installation. We recommend learning through the desktop version using a laptop, PC, or tablet.

How are the contents conveyed?

The content of the e-learning courses is designed to be varied, incorporating animations and videos. Learners receive additional practical knowledge through exercises and examples. Handouts and further information on the respective learning modules are available for download after completing the courses.

How long can I access the learning content?

The course content is accessible for six months from the time of enrollment. The individual course modules can be continued and repeated at any time during this period.

Users will be notified before the end of the usage period.

Do participants receive a certificate of completion ?

After participants have completed all modules of a course and passed the final test, a certificate of participation will be issued, which can be accessed in the respective user account.

Is the user account only valid for the course in one language?

The user account includes one course that is in both languages german and english.

How do participants change the course language?

The language can be changed within the course curriculum with a click on the respective language.